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From Profit STREAM To FLOODS Of Profits - How To Unlock Up To 5X HIGHER Passive Income Faster Than Ever

Maximize Your Passive Earnings Today, Tomorrow & Long Term

With TrendBuilder you’re all set to start making consistent hands-free online income. The method is tested & proven by marketers of all levels. The unique GIF plus passive monetization system works incredibly well today …

But - like ANY other type of content - including:




As more users see MORE GIFs, their effectiveness will decrease. It doesn’t take long for consumers to become ‘blind’ to even the most engaging types of content.

That’s why we’ve spent months developing a powerful collection of tools to 5X your profits and keep them rolling in long term.

More Clicks Mean MORE Passive Profits - Here’s How To Maximize Both

Years ago, IMAGES were the most engaging type of content online - driving way more clicks than text posts.

After that video became the king of online engagement. Then it was infographics.

But over time, the effectiveness of each of these types of content has decreased. Why?
Consumer blindness.

When people see 100s of image posts a day … they lose interest. Same for video, same for infographics.

This explains why there are SO MANY video editing softwares on the market.

GIFs are currently hands-down THE HOTTEST form of content online. TrendBuilder lets you capture unfair passive profits using them …

So let’s ensure those profits continue LONG TERM.

Introducing TrendBuilder PRO

Higher Passive Profits Today, Tomorrow & Long Term Faster & Easier Than Ever Before Possible

PRO Multiplies The Engagement And Profit Potential Of ALL Your ProfitSteam Pages - Here’s How

PRO Feature #1 - Advanced, Built-In Graphics Designer

While many GIFs are great attention grabbers on their own … you’ll do much better by customizing them to your specific offers & brand.

The PRO Graphics Designer lets you do just than in a few clicks - you’ll look like an expert designer with zero previous experience or skills.

Now each and every one of YOUR money pages can stand out, grab more attention and get YOU more visitors … leading directly to more passive profits.

PRO Feature #2 - Retargeting Pixel

It’s a fact that many people won’t click on ads or check out offers the 1st time they visit a page. This TRAFFIC LEAK leads to lost profits on a massive scale.

Thanks to PRO’s easy-to-use pixel feature, you can PLUG this traffic leak and get more 1st time visitors returning to your monetized pages … meaning MORE income from the SAME traffic!

PRO Feature #3 - Advanced Auto-Posting For MORE Free Traffic

TrendBuilder includes auto-posting to certain social platforms. PRO takes this to the next level by allowing you to auto-post your GIFs & monetized pages across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr AND Instagram

This powerful feature drives targeted, highly-engaged users to your pages - resulting in higher profits for ZERO extra effort.

PRO Feature #4 - Link Cloaker

To maximize your income, you’ll want to include affiliate & CPA offers on some of your pages. Thing is, these links aren’t always approved by many social networks.

PRO’s link cloaking feature lets you include these offers on your pages - and ensures they’re CLICKABLE by users of any platform. Forget the wasted effort of unclickable links - and make MORE from every TrendBuilder page you run!

PRO Feature #5 - Advanced Analytics

Some people think stats are boring … but to the most successful marketers, stats are the most exciting part of the game. Why?

They unlock your potential to SCALE.

Now you’ll have up-to-the-minute data on exactly how your TrendBuilder pages are performing …

Which ads & offers are generating the most revenue … Which ones need tweaking ...

So you’ll EASILY be able to customize your pages & offers to maximize your profits.
Between you & me … this is my favorite PRO feature.

Why TrendBuilder PRO Is The Answer You Need NOW

You made the smart decision to pick up TrendBuilder because you’ve seen it’s a proven way to make passive income online.

PRO is the logical step to making even more, for less effort, over the long term. By BUILDING on the power of the base system to make it 5X more effective - with:

  • HIGHER ENGAGEMENT - make sure your GIFs stand out, drive more clicks to your money pages & increase your personal branding with the graphics editor

  • MORE FREE TRAFFIC - with the advanced auto-posting features exposing your pages to targeted audiences on multiple social platforms

  • MORE PASSIVE PROFITS - built-in retargeting lets you capture the highest possible profits from EVERY visitor to your pages

  • INCREASED CONVERSIONS - the included link-cloaker ensures ALL your monetized links are clickable by users on any platform

  • EFFORTLESS SCALING - unlock advanced analytics that let you optimize the performance of every page, every ad and every offer - so you can easily maximize the profits from each and every page

Is PRO For You?

You don’t need TrendBuilder PRO to make the main software & system work.

If you’re happy with making reasonable passive profits - and are willing to keep putting more time into more campaigns and testing - you could be just fine.

But if you want to unlock the full profit potential of the system … and make even MORE for much less effort … the PRO features are definitely for you.

Exclusive Offer For New TrendBuilder Customers Only

The PRO features represent tremendous value - at 1st we planned on only offering them to targeted users for $297

Then we decided these benefits were so powerful that ALL ProfitSteam customers should have access…
So are inviting you to the PRO version for a massive discount.

This special offer only lasts while this page is open.
If you close the page without taking action, you’ll never see PRO offered again at this price.

But relax, you’re covered with the same rock solid money-back guarantee we offered with TrendBuilder. If you’re not completely thrilled - your money back.

So If You’re Ready For Game-Changing Passive Online Profits …
With The Very Latest Tools & Tech To Make It Even EASIER For You ...

Hit the button below and we’ll instantly upgrade your account

TrendBuilder - Pro

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